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Janice and Roger Cox said:   June 17, 2014 9:38 am PST
Rest in peace John (Hutch) I have known you forever if you count 17 years old in Mt Adams

Janice and Roger Cox said:   June 17, 2014 9:33 am PST
I remember when he was 17 in mt adams hanging out with big smitty and the connoly boys RIP he was a good guy ran I to cowboy a memorial site we spoke of the good times. This really breaks my heart thanks for letting me say something on the guest page Janice

Josh 1%er IHMC Maryland said:   June 17, 2014 8:22 am PST
I will greatly miss you my brother Hutch 1%er. It was an honor to call you my brother and ride beside you. You were as true as they come. I love you brother Rest in Peace.

So many years ago said:   June 17, 2014 8:21 am PST
So sad.....i knew Hutch as a kid on Mt Adam in the 60's. Hanging out in the stairwell of Holy Cross school he was my first kiss. They say you never forget your first kiss. Then about 1976/77 I was sitting in the IHMC club house with my old man (I think it was the old Mt Healthy one on the hill behind the Clark station, but could have been Cinti Central ave) when I heard a familar voice. My jaw dropped to turn and see Hutch standing there. He was a good guy and i will never forget him.

BadJ NH said:   June 17, 2014 3:13 am PST
I owe what I am to a FEW individuals in life that help mold me. TWO who put the finishing touches ARE and always will be MR IRON HORSEMEN and Backwards Bob. TRUE 1%er and even more so TRUE BROTHERS no matter where a person stands. Ride on hutch, we will all follow behind you like we all have for years. I MISS MY TRUE IHMC BROTHERS, with all I have for you Dutch, ride free brother...ride forever IRON HORSEMEN

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